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I've just found out that I don't know Josh at all anymore. I mean, I knew he was getting more intellectual for the last year or two, but damn. I have no idea what he's talking about *at all* anymore. I decided to check out alt.tarot, 'cause he's always talking about it, and I can barely understand a word or his posts. Does he have like 2 methods of operating, one where he's all high intellectual, and one where he's just a beer-drinkin', computer game/RPG playin' dude like me, or is the high intellectual always there in the back ground, and the other is just a vaneer he puts up so I can actually "relate" to him? I only have the one "low brow" level, so am I only half the person he is? I always knew I'd have to leave my friends behind (read: abandon) eventually, so why am I disappointed to find that *they* are leaving *me* behind?
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