Serpens (serpens) wrote,

The cube is made out of some sort of shiny black stuff, maybe metal, or maybe plastic, it's about 4 storeys tall, and hovering about 7 or 8 feet off the sand, in the middle distance, one face towards me (rather than an edge).

The ladder is made out of the same stuff, and it's at an angle, one end resting on the sand, the other end resting about half way up the cube face that is towards me, so all up length is slightly less than the height of the cube.

The horse is all black too, but has a white star patch on it's forehead between it's eyes. It's to the right of the cube as I look at it, and it's galloping towards me, it's a bit bigger than normal horse size. It's got no saddle, and it's a stallion.

The storm is covering the whole sky, and it's just raining (fairly hard, but not like absolutely bucketing down rain), and it's just making the cube ladder and horse wet, it's fairly windy, but not gale force or anything, and no thunder or lightning

The flowers are like a large bed of them, directly under where the cube is hovering, in a perfect square, in the cube's "shadow" (it's overcast from the storm, so there isn't really much of a shadow). they are those tiny little white grass flowers (there's lots of grass there too).
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