Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Scixie, I need your help...

I didn't realise I wanted this interpreted until I was on my way to work tonight, so I can't really remember all of it perfectly, which is probably going to screw something up, but I'm used to that, so it's OK...
The dream I had last night (well, I was sorta sleeping during the day coz I'm on night shift atm):

I was in a sort of library, but it was an interesting one, not really your avarage quiet kinda boring one, but it was fairly colourful, and lots of people discussing books and stuff around the place. I was having a discussion with two of my friends from RL, Josh and Nat (I'm pretty sure Nat was actually working at the library as well). I was *really* interested in finding out more about a certain type of mystcism, which I think we were refering to as the Judeo-mysticism (but wasn't), and dealt primarily with understanding/acquiring mental powers (of the really kind powerful and kind that are in comic books and stuff). That's kinda odd, cause usually Josh is into the mystic type stuff, and I think it's a load of bunk. The thing is, Josh and Nat were opposed to me finding out/reading up on this stuff. Like vehemently so. I was like "What's wrong with it? Mind powers would be cool. Josh, you're usually into this stuff" and josh was all "But not [this particular brand of mysticism], because it's really bad". So I was trying to explain that it wasn't really bad, I really wanted to learn this stuff. And then they explained to me that a kind of side-effect of getting good at it was growing a third eye (in the middle of the forehead, you're average 3rd eye). And I was still saying "Oh, so what? There's nothing so bad about that." and Nat and Josh were horrified and said "But it's a THIRD EYE!!" as if that was utterly horrible. And then they started trying to explain to me that everyone knows all about this "religion" thingie and it's generally considered really bad by everyone. They were talking about it as thought it was a) general knowledge that it was bad (yet I knew nothing about it all), and b) they were refering to this knowledge as stories that everyone had heard, but the impression was that they were kind of like fairy tale stories that people tell their kids and stuff (but the stories were largely true). SO they were trying to convince me "Oh, it's bad, everyone knows that" etc etc, but I had no idea of how everyone know it, because I myself hadn't heard about how bad it was. Eventually to try and sort out what they were talking about, I just said "Look, we're in a library for fuck's sake, why don't we all just try and find some *books* about this stuff!", so we all kinda went off seperately to look up books.

That's about all I can remember, I think I woke up about then. So can you make anything out of the mess? Anyone else?
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