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Serpens' Journal
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Tuesday, November 6th, 2001

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I scored 10 on the pervertedlogic.com CyberWhore Poll!


Yeah, I know, you've only "popped in" to "those rooms" once or twice, just like everybody else. You've kept an open mind, but have probably done more looking than doing. You may eventually tire of the net's more racy options, or develop a taste for something a bit more exotic, but chances are you will remain in the middle of the bell curve with your ovine brethren. Baaa!

Hmmm... I'm not sure how accurate to say that the *AVERAGE* internet user would have done at least half of the things mentioned in the questions...
Completely Random Facts About Me You Didn't Particularly Need Nor Want To Know:

My old car was a little red Subaru Sherpa (what the Subura Fiori model was called before it was called Fiori, basically). I had a mini mirror ball hanging from the rear view mirror, and a pit crew (three key rings linked together; Link from Zelda, Kenny from South Park and a skeletal hand thingie with a face in it, that I called Boney). It's name was "Ubu" (yes, as in "Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog"). It was sort of derived from "Subaru". I loved that little tiny piece of crap car n_n

Then the engine fell out of it. Really. While I was driving along the motorway to work, the engine block cracked, and pieces of the engine were falling out...

I soon got a new car. A 1982 model Honda Civic. It's name is Harvard. I hate that car.
Any of you CrazyAmericans out there know of any states that allow gay marriage? Apparently Hawaii and Vermont *did* but don't anymore...
And which countries allow it?

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