Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Friendship Style thingie results

You scored 50% Lone Wolf
You're an independent, intelligent free thinker who cherishes her individuality as well as her friendships -- people love being friends with you because you inspire them to self-reflection and self-improvement. Your friends may not see you every day, but they know you support them and care about them, and you share your knowledge and your gifts freely when asked. People look up to you because you understand yourself well, and you understand your own needs for stimulation and personal growth. As independent and forceful as you are, though, you may sometimes leave a buddy out in the cold. If you're worried your friends may find you aloof, improve your dependability with some Reliable Advisor qualities.

You scored 30% Loving Sister
You're an affectionate, sensitive, intuitive sweetie who takes her friendships very seriously -- people love being friends with you because they know you understand them. You nurture your friends, which is a constantly-renewing gift: you're the first one to step forward with chicken soup if they're sick, tissue if they're crying, and a phone call if they're lonely. You love being cared for yourself, too -- not that you'd ever admit it. It's not surprising that you build such strong bonds with your friends, loyal and steadfast as you are. Be careful not to pamper your buddies too much, though, since it can drain you of much-needed energy and encourage otherwise good friends to take your big-hearted nature for granted. You might incorporate some Lone Wolf traits into unbalanced relationships that take more than they give.

You scored 20% Reliable Advisor
You're accomplished, thoughtful, and generous, a font of wisdom and constructive criticism -- people love being friends with you because they know you've got their back. Your trustworthy nature and balanced, fair judgment make you a superb confidante and mediator, and while you may sometimes feel that your friends turn to you for advice about everything, you'd never let down anyone you cared about. Besides, your friends know your opinions are too valuable to do without! Your insight and loyalty are in high demand, but be sure to make friends aware that you're not just Old Faithful. You're the leading actress in your own life -- if some relationships make you feel more like the trusty sidekick, put a new face on your friendship by adopting the some of the attitude of your Bright Spark buddies.

You scored 0% Bright Spark
You're a kick in the pants, an inspirer, an activator -- people love being friends with you because you're full of energy and fun ideas. You aim to make the people around you feel happy and comfortable, and you nearly always succeed. You have a wide circle of devoted buddies and admirers, and you take vicarious pleasure in their successes and accomplishments while inspiring your friends with your own passion for life. Although you may sometimes resent the pressure of being everybody's muse or ray of sunshine, you try not to let it show -- but do listen to those voices in your head that urge you to slow down and savor your friendships more fully. Consider deepening your friendships with a dose of the nurturing that your Loving Sister friends bring to their relationships.
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