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Everything I need to know...

1) Scott and Tony have some cute friends n_n

2) Some above mentioned cute friends at good kissers... uh, I mean... �_� huh? what?

3)Kissing girls isn't really that bad... uh, I mean... �_� huh? what?

4) I have 3 cloves, and someone owes me another one...

5) If more than one person are in a waterbed, if any one of them move, the other two know about it.

6) If I sleep with (as in *sleep* with, not do naughty things) other people in the bed, I don't sleep :/

7) Bachelor parties are cool.

8) Strippers are cool.

9) Hand Fastings are cool.

10) Some of Scott and Tony's friends are LOUD.

11) Sleeping with (and again I mean actually *sleep* (or not; See 5.)) a married couple on their wedding night is cool... uh, I mean... �_� huh? what?

I've probably forgoteen some, I might add more at some point...

And to prove all this, they'll be photos later hehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehehe
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