Serpens (serpens) wrote,

21st Birthdays...

... are cool!

A friend of Scott and Tony's, Aaron, had his 21st birthday yesterday, so a bunch of people (including me and Scott, but not Tony cause he's not 21 yet) went a sort of semi-pub crawl thingie... And the bunch of people that went are apparently all insane. They seem to like me.

And I bumped up the total number of people I've ever kissed from seven to *nine*! Well, it *was* Aaron's birthday after all ;D And then there was basically only the one guy left there who I *hadn't* kissed at some point, so... hehehe

Unfortunately, and I'm not quite sure how to say this without people going ape-shit, but someone went a bit too far. Partly my fault for not stopping him earlier (but I didn't really realise he was going that far until he'd done it). I mean, I like that and all in general, but what he did hurt. It's still a bit sore, actually. At least he did stop when I got around to actually asking him to.

Uh, re-reading that makes is sound like it was worse than it actually was. Don't worry people, I'm fine and all, it wasn't anything truly terrible n_n

And all of Scott and Tony's nice friends invited my to a rave in LA on the 18th of August n_n
I don't know if I'll still be in the vicinity at that date, but it's nice that they like me enough to ask me. And even if I *am* here, that's Tony's 21st birthday anyway...

Hmmm... this entry looks like it's turned out longer than I thought, I'll just go back and wack a lj-cut in before I post it...

More later folks! :D
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