Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Yaoi To The World!

Uh, I should probably write something about what our idea for the theme camp actually *is* hehe

Yaoi to the World: Pretty Boys Who Snog, and the Women Who Love Them is the title of Scix and my proposed theme camp for Burning Man 2002 ( The basic idea is to have the camp"run" by the females, whose purpose is to convince guys to pash/neck/snog for their (the females') entertainment. We'll plan to decorate the camp with BmB art and other yaoi, and to educate the masses on the topic, and on what words like "yaoi", "bishonen", "lemon", "slash" etc mean.

Scix and I have kicked around a few ideas, but it's a whole year away, so nothing is concrete yet! If you've got any more ideas that you think might be good, feel free to join either or both of the groups mentioned in my previous entry :D
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