Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Travel Plans!

Well, tomorrow (oops, it's after midnight, so it'll really be "later today"), me and my pierced nipples are catching a Greyhound bus to Phoenix, AZ to visit peteevil, aka Sexy Foot Peter (or something like that). I'll be there for a while (Pete starts a new job next week, so I'll probably be on my way after that), and then I'll be heading back to the fabulous San Diego (well, I *have* to don't I? There are still certain people here that I have to have sex with before I leave CrazyAmerica) for the remainder of my trip. My flight back to Sydney (via Japan) leaves on the 16th of October from LA Airport... Hmmm... maybe I should stop in at Triskelion House for a while before I leave, if that's still ok with them, of course...
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