Serpens (serpens) wrote,

The Gang's All Here!

So these are my pets back home in Sydney:

This doggy is Bundaberg (named after a town in Queensland where they grow sugar cane (and tons of other fruits and vegeies), and make the "World Famous" Bundaberg Rum" and "Bundaberg Ginger Beer" (which, when combined, is called a "Dark and Stormy" and is very nice n_n). My parents used to live there just after they were married, and still have lots of friends there, hence the name. She's called Bundy for short.

And this kitty is called Panda (what with the being black and white and all). She is a snob (what with the being a cat and all).

You can all make your own decisions as to what it means that I brought pictures of my pets with me to CrazyAmerica, but none of my actual parents or sister :/
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