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Uh, just in case...

Just in case my last entry was too subtle: I spent the last 4 days pretty much just having sex.

And in other news, this just in from (and we all know how accurate *their* test thingies are):

What Type Are You?
You are a Brain

Let's put it this way: You could never play the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. You've already got a brain � and a powerful one at that. Well-read and extremely knowledgeable, you can beat anyone at Trivial Pursuit � or any intellectual sparring match. Chicks dig you for your muscular mind. Whether you're a whiz at the crosswords or an amateur Einstein, it's definitely your brainpower that drives them crazy. That thirst for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity will earn you high honors with any smart woman.

(what's with all this "chicks" and "women" business?)


Who's Your Type?
Your type is the Brain

Let's put it this way � you would never date the Scarecrow from the Wizardof Oz. A guy without a brain is not the guy for you! Your Mr. Right is well-read, extremely knowledgeable, and can beat anyone at Trivial Pursuit. Hecan hold his own in any intellectual conversation, and he's got aninsatiable desire to learn. You prefer a strong mind over strong muscles and have no patience for someone who considers TV mentally stimulating.Whether it's because he can take apart a computer and rebuild it at thespeed of light or the way he can recite the price of any stock on themarket, his brainpower impresses you. You love to learn, and there's nobetter knowledge than the kind you get from someone you love!
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