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It appears Dom has a girlfriend. I don't actually *know* that for sure, but a while ago he (or possibly someone else) made a comment that made me thing so (I can't even remember what it was now), and at Cleon's 21st on Saturday night, he and Al and Franine were talking about a mysterious "Emily," who I assume is Dom's gf.
Did Dom purposely not tell me for some reason, or has it just not come up until now? He pretty much used to be my best friend (I guess), have we really grown that far apart that he wouldn't tell me? Did I start it, I mean even if he was my best friend, he was still the last of my friends to find out I'm gay (and even then, it wasn't from me, like all my other friends has heard it). Come to thing of it, *why* was I so worried about Dom knowing? Was it *because* he was my best friend? Because I thought he would react the worst out of my friends (it wasn't particularly fun to hear my "best friend" tell me that he's not a "homophobe", because he's not afraid of gays, they "just make me sick". Weeeeee)?
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