Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Apparently, I'm a Crafter:

The Crafter

Click Lisa to Get Your Swirvology Analysis
If all the world's a stage, you're the one running the spotlight. You're fundamentally good with tools -- not necessarily just hammers and screwdrivers, but anything requiring manipulation, whether it be musical instruments, weapons, or a jet airplane. Others only dream of being capable of doing what comes so fluidly to you.

Sometimes aloof and a bit solitary, Crafters can be impatient at times with others. Quiet by nature, you may not always approach others. When you do, though, you can be a bit demanding when directing others to do things. This annoys others, but also makes you good at getting things accomplished. Sometimes a little push is necessary, and not everyone is capable of making it happen.

People will learn to stay away from you when you're busy doing something. You probably have a reputation for getting quite annoyed when interrupted from your work. Enjoy this and use your temperment to your advantage to get your way more often.

I guess it's not too far off...
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