Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Here's that Survey *again*...

Survey thang!
I see: Gigas (my computer), and Grak, Grok and Perfect Cell sitting on top.
I need: A reason.
I find: my mistakes
I want: my holiday
I have: a nasty sarcastic streak
I love: the only thing I know for sure I love, my Bundy.
I hate: my sister. And I hate that I hate her.
I miss: my childhood
I fear: Everything
I feel: less every day
I hear: a woman having a difficult labour (X-Files is on)
I smell: not much; got a cold
I crave: the week off I've got after tomorrow
I search: constantly
I wonder: all the time
I regret: Just about everything. That I didn't come out sooner (knowing what I know now). That I lost forever the chance to come out to mum (see above "I hate:")
When was the last time you...
Smiled?: *Actually* smiled dunno, probably today sometime, *felt* smiley, not sure
Laughed?: I think today. I don't laugh out loud tho. I usually just snort, or say "LOL"
Cried?: A long time ago, cried for hours non-stop, then not since
Bought something?: Lunch today. Something other than food or snacks, a week ago (a computer game).
Danced?: Can't really remember, a fair while ago. I don't dance, unless drunk or on drugs.
Were sarcastic?: the trick to telling when I am being sarcastic: I always am.
Kissed someone?: Can't remember. My mum kisses me on the cheek when I leave for work sometimes, but I don't realy kiss back, and the other kind of kiss, everyone knows I've never done that.
Talked to an ex?: got none
Watched your favorite movie?: I don't even really know what my favourite movie would be
Had a nightmare?: Had nightmares a few nights in a row last week, but I pretty much never had them before then. Must be the shift work/not sleeping as much as usual. Not really scary nightmares, just waking up and feeling kinda disturbed by them.
A last time for everything...
Last book you read: Reading Lord Foul's Bane at the moment, almost finished, I think the one before that was Sex, Drugs & Sausage Rolls
Last movie you saw: Dude, Where's My Car?
Last song you heard: something on JJJ on the way home from work about 2 hrs ago, can't remember what
Last thing you had to drink: drinking the Sweet Doctor right now
Last time you showered: this morning before work, so about 16 hrs ago
Last thing you ate: Ravioli for dinner just then

Do you...
Smoke?: nope
Do drugs?: every now and then
Have sex?: no
Sleep with stuffed animals?: nope
Live in the moment?: I try very hard not to, if I don't think of the consequences of my actions constantly, I screw up and regret it.
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: of course not
Have a dream that keeps coming back?: I have a couple of recurring themes, but not really a whole dream
Play an instrument?: used to play clarinet and saxaphone, can't remember squat now. Self-taught piano, so not very good at that (only one hand)
Believe there is life on other planets?: (Love Nachan's answer, TMBG rule :D) So many planets out there, the odds would probably be yes
Remember your first love?: Thought I was in love once, but I know now I wasn't, so haven't had a first love yet.
Still love him/her?: Well, I just explained that I never really did in the first place, so the answer here would be no ^^
Read the newspaper?: Sometimes, mainly just for comics, sometimes crosswords, too see if there's anything to perve at on the Sports pages...
Have any gay or lesbian friends?: Not a one in real life (one gay acquaitance), a few online here and there
Believe in miracles?: Yes
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: For some people, yes.
Consider yourself tolerant of others?: No, but I wish I was
Consider love a mistake?: To love/be in love with me, yes. Anything else would have to be good, I guess
Like the taste of alcohol?: Depends on what the drink is, but I'll even drink the yucky kind if I wanna get drunk
Have a favorite candy?: I'll pretty much eat any/all lollies, my teeth are all gunna rot and fall out one day
Believe in astrology?: nope
Believe in magic?: only the Trading Card Game
Believe in God?: usually
Pray?: Not anymore, cause I only ever prayed for selfish stuff, which was just a waste of everyone's time
Go to church?: no
Have any secrets?: Yes.
Have any pets: Bundy, my Bundy, my Bundle, my Agap (a kelpie-shepard cross), and a cat, Panda (bitch), but I like her too.
Do well in school?: School, not really, Uni OK
Go to or plan to go to college?: Been there, done that
Have a major?: Comp. Sci.
Talk to strangers who instant message you?: the only strangers who ever ICQ me are porn spam ads, I put them on ignore asap
Wear hats?: nope
Have any piercings?: tongue
Have any tattoos?: Serpent & Dragon
Hate yourself?: Used to. Don't feel much of anything anymore. Probably
Have an obsession?: a few different kinds, I guess
Have a secret crush?: a few
Do they know yet?: Nope, and not gunna either
Collect anything?: not atm
Have a best friend?: nope
Wish on stars?: nup
Like your handwriting?: good grief no, it's atrocious
Have any bad habits?: This survey is getting long enough already
Care about looks?: Yes, bad me
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: He looks invisible atm
Believe in witches?: I believe they exist, don't really believe they have magic power (personal power, probably)
Believe in Satan?: usually
Believe in ghosts?: not really
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