Serpens (serpens) wrote,

"That" Sex God Test...

Hark - the oracle speaks! A bolt of lightning falls from the sky! SHAZAAM! As the smoke clears, the hidden deity in you emerges and is revealed to be:

APOLLO, God of Poetry and Music.

You are the ideal man - basically, a stud. Loved by all, your golden boy charm is enough to drive most women crazy with lust. You are the most wanted of all the deities. Women place you on a pedestal during the day, and dream about you at night. And once you work your godly magic in the bedroom, you've got them hooked for life. You are the hot, smart and charming guy whom all the ladies want to bed. Your inner intelligence, sensual nature and great physique make women happy to oblige any of your requests. Your hot and steamy temperament and the devotion that simmers within you make women swoon. You probably tend to dive passionately into relationships, but you may find that your fiery desire quickly cools. Nevertheless, you leave a trail of satisfied mortals in your wake.

Um, er.
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