Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Completely Random Facts About Me You Didn't Particularly Need Nor Want To Know:

My old car was a little red Subaru Sherpa (what the Subura Fiori model was called before it was called Fiori, basically). I had a mini mirror ball hanging from the rear view mirror, and a pit crew (three key rings linked together; Link from Zelda, Kenny from South Park and a skeletal hand thingie with a face in it, that I called Boney). It's name was "Ubu" (yes, as in "Sit Ubu, sit. Good dog"). It was sort of derived from "Subaru". I loved that little tiny piece of crap car n_n

Then the engine fell out of it. Really. While I was driving along the motorway to work, the engine block cracked, and pieces of the engine were falling out...

I soon got a new car. A 1982 model Honda Civic. It's name is Harvard. I hate that car.
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