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They Fight Crime... Hillariously!

OK people, I've got a "top secret" (a few people know about it, but they've been sworn to secrecy!) mission going on... I'm redoing the They Fight Crime! page a bit, for my own (and hopefully all of yours, too) personal amusement. Why am I telling you this? 'Cause I want your help!

I'm going to be completely redoing the vocabularies, and I want submission from all of you for what I can put in the new vocabs... I'll need adjective phrases, noun phrases, verb phrases, location phrases, and if you feel like it through some random phrases at me, and I'll see where I can fit them in... Either comment here, or email me. You'll all get a "Thanks to: " credit on the page when it's done!

If you don't know the original page I'm talking about, or want some inspiration, it's They FIght Crime!
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