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My fiance is the best, he bought me the coolest Yule pressies n_n

One Paildramon that digivolves to Stingmon and/or ExVeemon and
One Imperialdramon that mode changes to Fighter mode and Dragon mode
(and I woulda got the BlackAgumon that digivoles to BlackWargreymon, but I went to the computer games section for a sec and when I came back someone had taken the last one off the shelf grrr)

Also, if you wanna find oldish computer games that have sold out everywhere: go to a place that sucks and no one ever buys games from, and, lo, there will be the EverQuest Trilogy for your fiance to buy you for Yule. And when you pick it up to buy it, lo, underneath will be the Mystic Legends Quad Pack that had also sold out of all the good stores... Harvey Norman, although you suck, we salute you!

Thanks John, you rule! n_n I love you...
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