Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Ahhh... the smells of Summer in Sydney...

Yes, it's that time of year again, the air is laden with a certain fragrance...

What am I talking about?

Bushfires, of course. Lots and LOTS of bushfires.
We get them in the bushland surround Sydney and throught the state in New South Wales about this time every year. Some merry Christmas, huh?

Some years are worse than others... this is one of the BAD years. "Fortunately", they aren't particualrly close to my house this year (in fact, they are quite far away, further away than I can every remember happening before). Closest the fires *could* come to my house (although they've never come this close that I remember) is merely a couple of streets away, there is a busland reserve there... which backs onto the local primary school, that goodness that's never burnt down :/

There are clouds of smoke over the whole city, nasty dry, hot, windy weather (*perfect* for spreading fires :/).
At last count there were over 100 seperate fires around the state, almost 200 homes destroyed, and lots of livestock and other property... My cousin is a volunteer firefighter, last I heard he was on call, I'm not sure if he's been called in yet. I don't *think* anyone has died yet this year... Most of the people who *do* die in the fires are the fire fighters...

Wanna hear something else that's common with these fires every year? This ones the real kicker:
Fully 50-75% of the fires are *deliberately lit*...

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