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Since eBay doesn't seem to think it's necessary to deign to explain what acronyms like "MOC", "MIB" and "NRFB" mean to people who haven't really gotten into this whole online auction thing before, can any of you people out there (some of whom I happen to know frequent eBay) explain it to me? Or at the very least come up with some amusing random guesses to cheer me up after being annoyed that eBay don't have a glossary of these terms on their site (at least, not anywhere that I could find after a fairly thourough search)? Yes, yes, feel free to laugh at my newbieness now, but remember, once apon time, you didn't know what "MOC" mean either...

I actually already know that NRFM is "never removed from box", I just wanna know about teh other two and am too stupid to work them out for myself, not through lack of trying. They keep popping up on the Transformer and Digimon auctions I've been looking at..
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