Serpens (serpens) wrote,

I'm bored at work, so why not...

1) What gender are you?
2) Which age category are you in? (10-18 19-27 28+)
3) What is your favorite color?
Blue and/or grey
4) Which is more correct, A or B? "Correct"? Buh? I like the look of B best...
5) How do you sleep? (On your right side, left side, stomach, back, curled up?)
curled up or on my stomach (as far as I know, hey, I'm *asleep*)
6) What is good room temperature in your opinion?
about 23C
7) Do you prefer night or day?
8) Coke or Pepsi?
Dr. Pepper (ok, if I have to choose between those 2, Pepsi)
9) If I was to sing little children's songs, repeatedly, would you (Sit and Listen) or (Go Away)?
Go Away
10) How often do you eat healthy things?
If I'm feeding myself, hardly ever. If I'm eating a meal cooked by someone else, most of the time.
11) Do you root for the good guys or bad guys in a movie?
12) Would you prefer to dress in (jeans and shirt, shorts and shirt, skirt and shirt, dress, other)?
Shorts and shirt (damn weather doesn't permit it often enough)
13) Would you lie to protect a friend?
I'd bend the truth (I can be good at that), I try really hard not to lie anymore
14) Would you lie to cover up something you've done?
15) Have you ever suffered from one of the following? (Eating disorder, Schizophrenia, MPD, Manic-Depression, Depression without the Manic part, other mental disorder?)
Depression, I guess
16) What U.S. state, Canadian Province, or otherwise, Country, do you live in?
Land of Oz
17) Are you part of any religious order whatsoever? (please do not list what)
18) Do you tend to bite your nails, chew your hair, or any other nervous habit?
Used to bite my nails something chronic, then kind of stopped, now I've kind of started again which is annoying my nails look terrible. Pull bits out of my beard sometimes too.
19) When was the last time you had an alcoholic drink?
About a week ago
20) Do you smoke?
21) Can you see without vision aids?
Yes, just not very well :P Without my glasses things start getting blurry about 2 feet or less away from my face (I cant read this screen without them for example)
22) Can you hear without hearing aids?
23) Would you rather believe in stuff like Santa and the Tooth Fairy or know the truth?
Truth, every time
24) When you hear the phrase "rocky road" do you think of (ice cream) or (streets)?
Neither, I think of the chocolate/nuts/marshmallow stuff (which is closer to the ice cream than the streets, I guess)
25) What is this picture?
Some lines and dots, possibly meant to be a stylied over head view of people crossing a road or something
26) What came first, the Chicken or the Egg?
27) Is the glass Half Empty, Half Full, or a Figment of My Imagination?
Depends on the situation. If it's being filled up, then it's half-full, if it's being emptied, then it's half-empty, if it's not being filled or emptied, it's just sitting then, then it "was some liquid in it".
28) Are you a dog or cat person?
Completely 50/50
29) Are snakes a good pet or a bad pet?
I've never had a snake as a pet, so I cna't really tell, but I guess they'd be pretty good
30) What is the correct spelling of hiccup?
"Hiccup". English is a living language, therefore, if enough people spell a word a certain way and still be understood, then it *becomes* the correct spelling (or usage) of the word. You probably wanted me to say "hiccough" though
31) Do you prefer to dress in well-known brand-name labeled clothing, or regular clothing?
32) Shaken or stirred?
Depends on the drink I guess, stirred the majority of the time I suppose
33) Do you drink coffee? And, if you do, do you take it black or with milk/cream/etc.?
Yes, white and with too much sugar
34) A man points to you and say, "Brothers and sisters I have none, But this Person's father is my fathers son..." What relation is he to you?
He is me
35) What is special about this number: 8,549,176,320 ??
Um, it's divisible by 3... it's got all the digits 0 thru 9 in it... not sure what you mean by "special"... oh wait, it's also divisible by 2,4,5 & 6...
36) The idea that I can deduce something from this test is (remarkable, cool, stupid, ridiculous)
37) If the blue car goes 20 mph, and the red one 40 mph, how does the blue one pass the red one?
By going faster
38) Is it: (the yolks is white) or (the yolks are white)?
Neither: the yolks "are" *yellow*
39) I am something. I blind one person, yet help others see. What am I?
Glasses (My glasses help me see, but woe-be-tide anyone else who tries to wear them...)
40) Do you eat your peas with a spoon, knife, or fork?
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