Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Ooo, Look! A bandwagon!

*jumps on*

Nathan is...

Nathan is a sweet innocent 7 year old boy.
That one might get some people in trouble with the law...

Nathan is best known and respected for his ability to devise and implement a theory of defense for his clients.
Crane Style works well

Nathan is a genius
Maybe in a *previous* life...

Nathan is co-spokesperson

Nathan is an active, growing, and playful 10 month old baby (corrected age).
Yah, the 7 year old thing was a lie

Dr. Nathan is the author of 9 papers which have been cited a total of 7090 times
That's Doctor Nathan to you!

Nathan is Africa's most Experienced Bow hunter/Professional Hunter/Guide/Outfitter going back to 1966.
OK, OK, the 10 month old thing was a lie to0. I'm really 36

Nathan is taking a few classes at a local college.
Tough work with a full time job too

Nathan is an internationally recognized expert on food culture
Yay, I'm a gourmand!
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