Serpens (serpens) wrote,

I only do these to fill in time...

I'm gunna make like a Phred, and whack the last 2 surveys together, and chuck out any questions I don't like, or don't have a smart arse andwer for ^_^

What is your mental age? About 15 I'd say

Tuck or no tuck? Like any smart person, I have a doona, so no tuck necessary

What is your favorite disco anthem? Disco is Dead.

What dance step have you perfected? The "There is no way you are getting me on the dance floor, even if you physically drag me" move.

If you were a film director, who would you be? George Lucas

What was your least favorite college subject? Hmm, I liked all my uni subjects... oh wait, no I hated ELEC190, blerg

Elizabeth I or Elizabeth II? Elizabeth was a kick ass movie, so her

If you weren't Canadian, which nationality would you pick? I'm not Canadian, but if I weren't Australian, I'd probably like to be Canadian ^_^ It pretty much has all the advantages of being American, without the draw-back of actually *being* American

What song are you listening to right now? 60 cycle hum and aircon hiss of the Level 3 Hardware floor...

Beatles, Rolling Stones, or The Who? flip a coin (OK, a 3-sided coin)

What is the last poem you read, and when? Geez, I dunno, I don't get poetry. Probably some of the lymericks on the PDI forum heh

Any shows you'd like to see re-run on TV, but which probably don't have a hope in hell? Um, all of the cartoons I used to watch as a kid, but can't really remember now (Cities of Gold, Ulysses 2020 (or whatever it was called), all of the original Transformer series...)

What colour is your hair now, and which colours has it been in the past? It's always been the same colour of boring brown

Do you have a favorite word? Floccinaucinihilipilification

What's the best thing about your job? Absolutely nothing. Hmmm... I guess that I'm pretty sure I wont get fired.

Who is the first person you ever had a crush on? I can't really remember... first person I really thought I was in love with, Anthony

Which was the best year of your life? They've all been pretty average.

What proverb or aphorism do you use most? I try not to be *too* cheesey...

Broom or vacuum cleaner? Vacuum for carpet, broom for wood floors...

Do your ex's hate your guts? I'm too lame to have any exs

A song that you loathe to such a degree that if you never heard it again, it would be 20,000,000 years too soon: Peppercorn by Iforget who (Grim'ace, I think)

What's the next film you'll be seeing? not sure precisely, but I'm waiting for the Harry Potter movie, and Lord of the Rings, and SW2 and Matrix2...

Where are you going on your next vacation? CrazyAmerica!

What is your most common facial expression? "Leave me the fuck alone" or "Tell someone who cares" or "why do I bother?"

Which book(s) are you embarrassed to admit you've never read? Nothing really, if there was a book I wanted to read, I'd read it

Who's the most famous person you've ever gotten drunk with? A bunch of the VJs from Channel V (cable music channel)

Are you good at cards? Sorta, maybe. I *like* card games, don't always win or anything tho

Beauty secret: I scrub my face with soap. Like *really* scrub it. And I use this awesome after shave face protecter stuff from the Body Shop. The eyes, I was born with, no secret there.

I'm always carrying: My Swiss Card and/or Mini Swiss knife

In the tape deck: Do people actually *use* tape decks anymore?

Top bookmarks: BmB, lots of other web comics.

Alarm set for: 4:30. AM or PM depending on whther I'm doing night shift or day shift.

First celebrity crush: I can't believe I can't think of one.

Childhood nickname: Mr. Moo. I'm not kidding. I dunno where it came from...

First record bought: First CD I paid for myself would have been Jagged Little Pill I think (a lot of people have put that, it's weird), first record I would have gotten when I was a kid would have been one of the Marathon! ones, like Nathaniel the Grublet, or The Music Machine.

Would you rather be hanged or beheaded? Dunno. Much of a muchness really, they are both pretty quick if done properly.

Ewan McGregor or Jude Law? Ewan

What was the last book you read? Lord Foul's Bane (boooooooring), reading the novel of The Phantom Menace right now.

Okay, do you consider boyband slash to be real person slash, or not? Not really

Drama or comedy? Comedy, but the kind with a plot, please. (stolen answer) (again)

Buffy or Cordelia? Hmmm... tough one *shrug*

If you went to Caritas, what song would you sing? "I Will Survive" maybe, the Cake version tho ^_^

What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid? Transformers

What is your favorite cartoon now? I watch tons of Fox Kids, pretty much all of them on there... Was Digimon for a while, but I've seen all the episodes of that, so now probably Kong: the Series (Mmmmmm.... Reverse Merger Sequence Tan/Jason slash.... or Reverse Merger Sequence Jason/Tan slash... I'm easy)

Gold or silver? Like, gold, ewww, with my colouring? No way. Silver, baby

Charles Dickens or Ernest Hemingway? Never read any Hemingway. The Dickens I've read was OK.

For love or money? Money. I'm too insane to love/be loved.

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Probably have to be wacking off.

If a woman were running for president and you didn't agree with her politics, would you vote for her anyway because she's a woman? Nup
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