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"Freedom is the right of all senitient beings"

Bonus points for whoever knows where that comes from...

More Transformers today!
I know have all the Mini-Cons from Wave 1 (Street Action team, Air Defence team, and Land Military team), all three Super-Cons (Hot Shot, Demolishor and Cyclonus), both MaxCons (Red Alert and STARSCREAM), and of course, Megatron! Only ones left from Wave 1 is You-Know-Who (will get asap, I hope), and Laserbeak (who rocked in G1, but now seems kinda lame, and is an AUTOBOT?!?!). Wave 2 is supposed to be out later this month! Whoooo!

Seems like some of my LJ friends are upset atm, *hugs* to all...
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