Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Burning Man '02

The bad: curmudgeon tent-mates. The good: curmudgeon tent-mates
The bad: cold nights. The good: warm, snuggly husbands
The horribly stupid: Dick Tricks. The fantastically rockin'ly good: Rosin Coven
The good: old favourite theme camps returning. The even better: *New* favourite theme camps!
The bad: too hot days. The good: Buckminster Fuller's Nose
The bad: foot blisters and finger cuts. The good: bandaids and hydrogen peroxide
The good: beads. The much better: Doubloons!
The bad: a tiny bit more rain than last year. The fantasically good: *MUCH* less dust than last year
The bad: not doing any of the theme camp ideas we came up with last year. The good: many *more* ideas for next year

More later when I think of/remember them...
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