Serpens (serpens) wrote,

Kids these days...

What the hell do they think they're doing being gay all over the place? There's *no way in HELL* I could have even contemplated coming out to anyone in [single sex UBER homophobic] high school... How do these people get boyfriends and pash (and even have *sex*) at that age? The only person at my school who was gay (other than me, der) was M.S., and those were just kinda rumours, that I suspect he started for attention (he lied like that, he'd been caught out a few times).

Most straight teenagers start dating etc when they are around, oh, say, 14, right? Apparently even gay kids are doing that these days. So, they have all this experience with relationships (even the teenaged kind, shouldn't be so lightly dismissed), and sometimes even sex. I've *never* had any kind of relationship, so that means my emotional developement is about the 13/14 age! That's an insurmountable handicap. No one of an age close enough to mine to be considered of dateable age would want a 'ship with someone who is basically just a kid, and I can't really date someone who is 14, since I'm so freakin ageist (emotionally I'm 14, but I'd say intellectually I'm a bit older... at least I hope so... I think I like cartoons and toys just a little too much...).

It's a Catch-22, how am I ever supposed to get started *now*? As I've said before, I'm too old, and it's too late...
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